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uhhh melliez? Dn0uuu


    uhhh melliez?


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    uhhh melliez? Empty uhhh melliez?

    Post  iSuperStarz on Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:40 pm

    Yo its mel ere, been to busy lazy to check this site out so yeaa xD
    im super random at times.
    constant mood swings.
    Be warned, get on my bad side and i swear, you will regret it <3
    anyways so bout meh.
    Name: mel, mellie, sam or sammie (fake name x3) or rii
    Age : 13 yrs of evilness, 14 on the 2nd of aprilz
    Height: half short? is 157cms short or tall?
    colorz: Red/black, green/black, pink/black, black/white and silver
    Nationality: 100% Viet pride! 100% aussie pride!
    muzic: LM.C, linkin park!, Jrock
    so im ur not so typical 8th grader
    well i doubt im gona even play this but haha il post it anyways XD

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