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    Events Niggurhs.


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    Events Niggurhs.

    Post  [Host]iPoke on Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:29 pm

    Hide and Seek Event: A Gm will hide on the map of his choice and give hints on which map he/she is on. The player(s) who gets there first gets a prize. Gms may use a disguise so keep a look out. First person to find the Gm wins the prize.

    True and False Event: A Gm will host a True and False question event. One who gets the right answer first wins a prize.

    Jump Quest Event: A Gm will host a Jump Quest event this may be a customized jump quest. The first three players that reach the top get the main three prizes. Sometimes participants may or may not receive a prize depending on the Jump Quest.

    Trivia Event: A gm will host a Trivia Event ask some randomized question. The first person to get the answer right gets the prize. Players may choose themes.

    Summoning Events: A gm will host an Event of the monster they choose at any random time. Possible these monster could hold rare items.

    Freeze Fame Event: A gm will host a themed screen shot event. Player(s) with the best screen shot to fit the theme will win the prize.

    Tug O' War: Two teams will be set up. A monster of the gm's choice will be set up in the middle of the selected map. Each team will try to get the monster on the end of the other team's side.

    Max-Exp Event: A gm will host a max-exp event for a period of time, where players will get a chance to level up easily.

    Karaoke Event : Ok, A GM Asks to go to a map.
    They do the @joinevent thingy there.
    Then when everyone comes, They sing a song of any topic they want(:. but they cant ask the players to pick a song:( (awwies)
    Lets say they pick "Pop".
    They sing a song related to pop like, " Do you remember-Jay Sean(youtube it o.o)
    After they pick a song, They start to "sing it" or type the lyrics o_o (they can start anywhere(: )
    While the GM is singing, the players then guess what song it is
    Obviously, If you get the song right, you win a prize (:

    RULES >:3
    1. Only English Songs

    Whack - O - Nexon : k, WoN is kinda like a lucky guessing game and easy for GMs .

    First, Find a map where there's enough room. (Harder = bigger Easier = smaller)
    Second, You do the !event thingy .
    Third you tell everyone to go to the wall.
    4. (<-- lol) you go in hide
    5. you go find a spot and STAY there
    6. you put clock
    7. the players will then try and find you by hitting you with normal attack all around the map
    8. if they hit you WITH NORMAL ATTACK, they win

    1. No skills Obviously -___-
    2. FJ IS ALOUD.

    Dodge Bob : 1.GMs warp to any small map(for little players) or big(for more players) and go in hide.
    2. We all strip so we dont get any deffence or anything on.
    3. GMs spawn the most damage done to players.
    4. Players run around the map and try not to get hit.
    5. If the player get's hit and/or dies, They have to click ok(:
    6. The last player to survive is the winner:).

    Rules >:3

    1. no skills
    2. no killing
    3. no cheating with staying on ladders
    4. HAVE FUN

    Capture the Flag : First, the event happens in the PvP channel/map. GMs will Pick teams and make them fair based on the players available. Everyone on the same team will party up, so they dont kill each other in PvP. Then you have an item to be the "flags" and put them in opposite ends of an area, like Henesys. One team will put "flag" at the map (using Henesys as an example) Forest West of Henesys, and the other team will put the flag at the Forest East of Henesys. Then using whatever methods they can, Try and pick up the flag at the end of each map, having a GM watch over the flag to wait and see if they pick it up. Once the flag is picked up, That team wins.

    Auction Event : A Gm has an item such as a 400 att bow and auctions it to someone.

    You go to a map like the cathedral or the chapel.

    You auction it off at the bottom while players are at the top.

    You auction off things for Coins, Clouds, Mesos.

    Use a System such as:
    A coin for 1 credit
    A cloud for 1 credit
    1,000,000 ( 1 million)for 1 credit

    The price all depends on the item.

    A really rare item should be for more credits.

    PvP Event : PvP Event is Self-Explanitory .

    Players will go to a map. Then when we open an event the players will enter the event and start fighting. Last man standing wins?

    Russian Roulette :
    Objective: You have 10 seconds to step on one "box" and hope for the GM to not appear on the box you're standing on or else you'll get warped out. Yes, this event is entirely based on luck.

    Bob HnS : Ok, It's basicly exactly like HnS(Hide n Seek) lol .
    But instead of say the word that the GM picked, a GM spawns bob or (Code: 100100) .
    When the GM spawns bob, he gives out hints(just like HnS o.o) .
    You go around and find "Bob" and when you kill it(btw the GM has to be in the map with "bob") you win ! (:

    1.You have to start out in FM
    2.Must be fair o.o(somehow >.<)
    3.must have fun x3

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